Live casino

If you want to play at online casinos and you are feeling a bit lame about it, you will be pleased to hear about live casino games. Live casino games will get you the real casino experience. You will feel like you are actually in a real casino. And we tell you about which games you can play at online live casinos.

Live casino games for real experience

A great feature of online casinos are the live casino games. It is a real life game experience, right from your living room. But how does it work? Well it is simple. You choose one of the live casino games on the casino website. And if you join the game, you`ll get a live video connection with a real life casino!

Live roulette online

If you are at a online casino site like Play Club Casino, Vera John Casino or No Bonus casino you can play a lot of online casino games. One of the most played games is roulette. You can take your chances on a regular roulette table. But if you want the real casino feeling there is more. You can sit on a online live roulette table. On this table you see your table on a live video screen. This screen opens up when you start playing. You can actually see a real roulette game. So if you are sceptic about if it is real or fake, check this. You will feel more confidence in the game, you can see it`s reliable and you`ll have the feeling that you are playing in a real casino on a real roulette table.

Live blackjack online

Besides roulette, you have also have the option to play online blackjack. And not just see images but a real dealer that deals your cards. You can actually talk with the dealer. It makes it more interactive and more attractive. You will have the feeling that you are in a real life casino instead of a computer game. You can see what is happening with your money and you can see that online blackjack is a fair game!

Live baccarat online

Baccarat is a casino game that has been played by the elite. But since online casinos have the possibility to play this game online, it became more popular. And the nicest thing is that if you go to Vera John Casino, No Bonus Casino and Play Club casino you can play online baccarat live! You will get the feeling that you are really there playing in that casino. Of course it is online baccarat, but through a live video connection, you have the feeling you are actually there! Try it now!

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